What Geek Invented The Internet?

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Have you ever thought to yourself who invented the internet? old computerThere are people who have been become gazillionaires because of the internet but they didn’t invent it?  No,  they just thought of unique ways to use it. Who is responsible for this invention? Was it some Greek God guru or an underground geek?   Actually it was group of scientists who came up with this brain wave. What the internet consists of is a bunch of computer networks that connect to each other and then there’s the World Wide Web that allows all these computers to share information between them.  That’s it in a nutshell.

There was a rumor that the Internet was developed by the USA so that they would have a way to communicate if there was a nuclear war.  According to our info we found the first network wasn’t about communication at all.   It was about processor usage or time sharing which meant the scientists could share the power of the computer.

This was in the 1960s when there was no networks just big machines called mainframes. Computer sharing or time sharing as it’s known,  meant the power could be used by several people at the same time.  There was a lot of time sharing going on and this led to the sharing of information as well.

Most of the internet traffic in the 1970’s being email. In  1980 a computer main frameBritish man called Timothy Berners-Lee made it possible to share and interconnect work easily.   He did this by inventing HTTP,HTML, and URL’s.    This made internet browsing possible and  he called it the World Wide Web otherwise known as www.

Berners-Lee didn’t invent the internet but he did discover how to connect information and that became the web. The very first website was created in France in August 1991. the infrastructure was in place and all the critical technologies have been invented.  Internet message boards or forums exploded in the eighties and phone companies saw the potential for digital communication cash cow.

The internet expanded quickly and steadily and became available for the average consumer around 1995. It  exists as a way for us to communicate and it wasn’t invented by any one person but by a bunch of scientists from all over who probably never dreamed it apple computerwould lead to the multiple uses we now enjoy.

The internet is now used for more than just emails and communicating. It is a shopping tool, a research tool, a dating tool, an entertainment tool and an educational tool . I wonder what the future internet has in store for us.



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