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In two previous post we discussed business action plans and the role of managing the process. All business people like to start a new year fresh and ready. Now that the plan of attack is in place, we have another consideration. As you know if you continue to do business the same way, you will get the same results. One way to consider opportunities for improvement is to review a development plan with your manager. You both should prepare and discuss the following. This is better done on a one on one basis.

Discussion Items:

Area’s of conflict, if you are the manager you will want to provide your employee an opportunity to clear the air of any issues that may be bugging your employee. It is critical for you to listen and not interrupt. Hopefully if there are issues, common ground can be found. The manager’s ability to allow their team a true open door policy with no fear of repercussion, is a sign of considering leadership. I have found as a leader there are times when I was wrong and having employees comfortable enough to tell me, made me more successful. Even more important my teams embraced me because I realized on great teams coaching can be a two way street. You do not want to start the year without having your team on the same page. If they are upset because they feel you are unfair to them and it is not discussed with agreed common ground, the strategy will not matter. As a manager you should also review any issues you have. Late expense reports, customer complaints, etc. Take enough time so you both feel it has been discussed and hopefully settled. At the end of the day the manager is the final shot caller and at some point you have to move on.

Other Topics:



Critical Factors

Things I will start doing

Things I will stop doing

Things I will continue doing

Personal Strengths

Personal Weaknesses

It is suggested to pick 1 or 2 items of weakness, to plan a development strategy for improvement. The manager should outline the plan and time frames with employee’s agreement. Even if the employee has 10 areas of weakness just pick a couple to work on that you both feel can be improved.

I suggest this process be done in a quarterly basis. This is a commitment of time and energy. If done right your team will feel they are well lead and appreciate the investment in them.

Everything you do as a leader or team member needs to be with the purpose of being the best team in the business. “Shoot for the moon and even if you missed you will be with the stars.” Anything can be accomplished, but it takes effort and preparation.



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